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We've got an updated chrome (the style of the area that frames our content) running on MSDN. I think it looks great. Check it out and see if you like how it looks. Send your feedback via contact us and let them know what you think.

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  1. Jerry Pisk says:

    I’m missing the link to in the new design…

  2. Carlo Cardella says:

    I like it, nice! : )

  3. Fabrice says:

    How come I could tell it was based on gradients?

    "Gradients everywhere" is Microsoft’s current meme!

  4. Dylan Greene says:

    Looks nice, but a few comments:

    1) It seems like there is a waste of about 3/4" of space at the top that just means I have to scroll more to see the content. Why can’t the MSDN logo be on the top gradient line and get rid of the second gradient line?

    2) The menu links at the top (MSDN Home | Developer Centers | Library | Downloads | Code Center | Subscriptions | MSDN Worldwide) are actually tabs. They should look and act like them. If I’m in the Subscription section of the site, I should be able to tell from the tab.

    3) Also, the "MSDN Home" tab (or link if you prefer) on the home page has a disproportional amount of space next to it. It only seems to have that extra space on the front page (

    4) The Site Map page doesn’t have the right CSS, is oddly formated and hard to read, and it’s not even a site map of MSDN, so it’s basically pointless to put on the top of every MSDN page.

    5) Maybe I’m old fashion, but I think it would be nice to say what the site is in the header. The header says "msdn" and has a red arrow next to it. Nothing else on the front page says what the site is, what it is for, who it is for, and how much free information is on there (Many developers still think MSDN is not a free site because they assocate the name MSDN with the MSDN Subscription that some of us pay hefty for). The words "Microsoft Developer Network" would be nice, a tagline like "All of the information a software developer will ever need" would be helpful, a statement about the vast amounts of technical docs, code, articles, and blogs would be really helpful.

  5. Dylan Greene says:

    Oops, one more:

    6) Sign into Subscribe downloads, the old Chrome banner comes back. (

  6. Dylan Greene says:

    I wouldn’t think this is related to the Chome work, but I’ll post here anyway… MSDN Subscriber product keys and downloads aren’t working.

  7. Dylan Greene says:

    They’re working again.

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