When I came home tonight, my wife said that giant, pig-sized raccoons jumped out of the bushes and ran to the woods as she was about to cook some steaks on the grill. I found this funny because I've never seen a racoon in Redmond. I said they must have been bear cubs. Either way, the steak was awesome.

BTW: My home town in Wisconsin is somewhat famous for a certain raccoon...

The house in the picture is just around the corner from my mom and dad's.

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  1. Kent Sharkey says:

    Probably ‘possums. Vaguely similar colouring (just not the tail and mask) and in the area (I see them dead along a lot of roads — especially Sammamish Parkway)

    TTFN – Kent

  2. Brian says:

    I checked again with her. Fat, spectacular, ring tails, animals the size of hogs. Maybe they were sasquatch babies. 🙂


  3. lauraj says:

    Come on, of course there are racoons in Redmond, Brian! I don’t think I’ve seen any that were pig sized, (I’m not really sure what pig-sized is when it comes to racoons) but I’ve certainly seen them both skulking about and (I’m very sad to say), on the road… You know, I had a friend who lived in wallingford who had what she called giant racoons take over her place while they were gone for a week. Maybe they are the same ones!

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