MSN Toolbar Beta

This is interesting. An MSN Search toolbar. I'll take it for a spin and see how it compares. I've been telling people that I'm using MSN Search a lot because I use the MSN Explorer browser and that the search results have been good. This toolbar even adds a pop-up guard to IE.

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  1. Andreas says:

    Well a pretty close copy of the google toolbar. I hope MS will realizes the potential this bar has if the support microsoft newsgroups. If I can predefine the search to check certain newsgroups this one will be a big hit with all the developers out there. If the don’t realize it will just be a copycat of the google bar. Why I need a Messenger startup when I do have messenger down in my windows statusbar is a puzzle to me 🙂

  2. w3r8t says:

    Take a look at YAHOO toolbar. It has spyware detector and cleanup

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