SPOT Watch Update

After a week with the SPOT, I must say that I'm really enjoying this device. What's really interesting about it is how unobtrusive it is. I've charged it once, but the battery hasn't gone under 75%. I don't spend much time monkeying with the thing... I've got my workstation machine set to fire out updates when my calendar changes, and it just works. As I go from meeting to meeting, I glance down at the watch to see what room I need to go to and that's it. If I'm going outside I look down to see the temperature and weather. And finally, I get to see stock prices and news. It's been a very good user experience, and it's taking no effort on my part. Maybe this is an experiment in the future of computing.  

One funny thing happened this week. I was in meeting, minding my own business with my watch in glance mode. The MSFT stock price popped up and somebody grabbed my wrist to see what it said. I wasn't really ready for that, but I found it amusing.

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  1. Andreas says:

    Did you run into the trouble they have with static electricity ?

  2. Brian says:

    AFIK, the Suunto doesn’t have a problem with this. I haven’t seen anything like it. 🙂

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