Suunto Pics

I posted a few pictures of the Suunto N3 to my photo site. I just wanted to show what comes in the box and how it fits together for those that might be interested.

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  1. jdzions says:

    The recharger looks nice. If the watch takes standard USB power, rather than just using the USB mechanical connection but running a different voltage, then the wall-wart charger should be useful for other USB-charged devices… like my cell phone. It’d be kinda cool to just need my laptop and be able to charge my cell phone and my watch from one widget.

    Also, one of the photos appears to show that the "pins" on the wall-wart are interchangeable; e.g. you could replace the US 2-thin-blades-and-ground-pin stuff with the european 3-pin or UK 3-heavy-blades arrangements. Do you know if the Suunto folks sell those inserts?

  2. Brian says:

    Yes, the charger is small enough that I’m sure I would just bring the whole thing on a trip. I don’t know whether other prong settings will be made available. There’s a Suunto forum on Somebody there mentioned a web site that sells accessories for Suunto watches.



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