Another take on the MSN Direct Watch

Joe Wilcox has been wearing the MSN Direct (SPOT) watch for a few weeks and he's posted some interesting thoughts about the device. I found this one to be amusing...

The 16-year-old said absolutely that, if not for the cost of driver’s education classes, she would buy a watch and the service at $60 a year. She also expressed her belief that, given the right marketing, she could imagine MSN Direct watches becoming sort of a status symbol among teenagers and younger adults.

Like Joe, I was thinking that the appeal would be to older geeks. I would love to see this device be something that teenagers would find useful.

A long time ago, I posted some observations of how my younger kids picked up the Tablet PC instantly. I think that the younger folks do well with new tech because they lean more toward imagination than skepticism.

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  1. John Happy says:

    I’ve been wearing the Suunto n3 for a couple weeks. The news, weather, stock info and different watch faces are well-presented and interesting … the atomic-clock accurate timekeeeping, calendar and instant messaging make the technology ‘worth it’ to me. The addition of more channels will make the watch an even greater value. I wouldn’t call the n3 perfect (the alarm volume could be a little louder) but I’m not at all disappointed about the money I spent.

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