Developing with Non-Administrative Privileges

Today on the Security Developer Center we're featuring an interesting article by Lars Bergstrom that explains how to use Visual Studio .NET as a non-admin. This article has tons of tricks for accessing tools from different sorts of accounts on your workstation:

Developing Software in Visual Studio .NET with Non-Administrative Privileges

Members of the local Administrators group have privileges to perform any action on a machine. This causes both a risk to the user performing actions in that environment and to the software that they develop. This article explains how to productively develop software while logged on with non-administrative privileges.

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  1. Frans Bouma says:

    I don’t want to use ‘tricks’ to get things done. I don’t want to jump through hoops to access tools and functionality and I don’t want to spend hours on google groups to figure out why some tool doesn’t work ‘because of access rights, but where?’

    In the past year Microsoft suddenly woke up and thought… whoa, you can’t develop software if you’re not an administrator. They cooked up a list of things you have to do to make sure you can develop software as non-administrator.

    It’s too much hassle. We’re software developers, it’s OUR responsibility that software works, thus that it works in non-admin mode as well. It’s Microsoft’s responsibility to make XP save. I don’t want limits when I operate my computer, so I’ll end up adding myself to all kinds of groups so I can do whatever I want WITHOUT having to look for ‘run as’ or ‘start as’ menu options.

    It’s the same as having a database developer box and you give your developers very restrictive access so that for each change they want to perform to test something, they have to consult a busy DBA in another building and STILL you want them to be highly productive.

  2. Jason Row says:

    The first objective of the new Microsoft Developer Security exam (70-330) is how to develop code under a least privilege account. This article seems like it covers it well. Thanks for the link Brian!

  3. Imran Awan says:

    How do I become the main administrator of the computer because I do not have access to Kazaa plus …??? I need instructions, Thanking u


  4. anthony says:

    i need to down load administrative privileges

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