OK, for my first truly stupid vacation post, I'll point you to a new Web site that I found that let's you link your picture to your Xbox Live Gamertag. This thing is actually pretty cool in that it let's you see pictures of some of the people that you play with on Xbox Live. It even breaks the pictures down by games played by the individual.


And yes, I even added my own picture here.

Comments (5)

  1. i cant access this site as it always comes up with the std microsoft cant load site screen anyone know why please email me

  2. says:

    It wont let me in the gamegirls.asp? thing thaank for helping me.

  3. Naughty says:

    you can also search for all female members..on the left side of the screen….then u can get to the gamergirls….

  4. TexasHottie101 says:

    well i am on that website too… im texashottie101 and i have no idea why it is doing that.. but i keep on trying and or try both sumtimes one works and the other doesn’t

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