WS Security Paper

We’ll be headlining this on the Security Developer Center later this week.It’s a pretty important step for Web Services as Matt notes in his blog. Discover how two parties using Web services can interoperate in a Kerberos environment. Covers securing SOAP messages, including the security tokens, how signatures look on the wire, and how to…


Setting up a new laptop for the new year…

And a pretty hefty one at that. It’s a Compaq Evo N800c. It’s fast and awesome, but it weighs three times as much as any other laptop that I own. Still, the screen is really nice and I can see doing some serious work with this thing. I’m quite happy with it so far. So…


A planner for the new year…

I spent most of 2003 as paperless as I could. I used my Tablet PC and my iPAQ and I printed as little as I could get away with in the office. That said I still feel drawn to the Franklin Covey planning system and I’m considering getting a 2004 set to put in my…



The other day I found a Napster CD in my mailbox. I tried it and I’ve subscribed. I’m enjoying it very much.


Tablet PC and Painter

So the other day I found that Wacom released some new Tablet PC digitizer drivers. If you have a Tablet PC that uses the Wacom digitizer, these drivers let you use the pressure sensitivity feature of the tablet from apps like Photoshop and Painter. The new drivers are great and so I immediately upgraded to…


Lambeau Cam

When I feel homesick I just turn on the Lambeau Cam, and then I’m thankful that I live somewhere relatively warm.


Rainbow Six 3 Movies

Somebody put together some pretty funny RS3 movies. [Listening to: rainbow2 – – (05:26)]


OK, for my first truly stupid vacation post, I’ll point you to a new Web site that I found that let’s you link your picture to your Xbox Live Gamertag. This thing is actually pretty cool in that it let’s you see pictures of some of the people that you play with on Xbox Live….



I just realized that I haven’t blogged in days. Part if it has to do with getting ready for a vacation that I’m taking starting this weekend. I like my job a lot so it’s a bit difficult to let go. I tried to get as much done before the holiday as I could, and…


TechNet Security Week

This week, TechNet is featuring a number of Security Webcasts. From the page…. TechNet Security Webcast Week The TechNet Security Webcast Week, the first week of December 2003, spotlights TechNet’s continuing webcast coverage of one of the hottest topics for IT professionals today. The webcasts listed are live webcasts. After each webcast occurs, this page…