Report Viewer at PDC 2009

Stella Chan, Program Manager for the Reporting Services developer scenarios, will be presenting at PDC this week.  If you’re attending the conference, check out her session: Developing Rich Reporting Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2.  She will demo lots of new Reporting Services functionality, including the new Visual Studio 2010 ReportViewer control.


JavaScript API

One of the new features we added to the ASP.Net Report Viewer in Visual Studio 2010 is a JavaScript API to allow you to interact with the viewer on client.  In reading many of the posts on the report controls forum, we found that many people struggle when implementing a custom toolbar or replacing portions…


Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 is Now Available

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 is now available for download!  This beta includes plenty of new features, but it is particularly noteworthy for the ReportViewer control.  Beta 2 contains several key updates, including: ASP.Net AJAX – The report viewer will now use AJAX internally to update its own content.  It can also be placed inside…


GDI+ Updated Again

Last year, I wrote about Microsoft Update 956391, a security update to GDI+ that the Report Viewer client print control depends on.  For security reasons, that update forced us to enable a kill bit for the client print control.  A new security update is being released for GDI+ today via Microsoft Update MS09-062 (KB 957488).  But…


SQL Server 2008 R2 August CTP is Available

The SQL Server 2008 R2 August CTP is now available for download.  Reporting Services has a number of new features available in this CTP which are being discussed on the Reporting Services team blog. This is the first release of SQL Server to include portions of the ASP.Net AJAX work we have done for the…


Where’s the new Report Viewer?

Previously, I posted that we were working on an updated version of the report viewer control for Visual Studio 2010.  With beta 1 now available, I have naturally started receiving questions wondering why the report viewer that is included in beta 1 is essentially the same thing that shipped with Visual Studio 2008. I want…


Manually Printing a Report

Even though the ReportViewer has built-in print functionality, people often wish to implement their own version to provide significant customizations or a deeper integration with their application.  There are a number of samples out on the web, but I thought it might be useful to provide one here since the request is so common.  Attached…


Did Your Session Really Expire?

The ASP.Net ReportViewer relies on ASP.Net session state to store critical data that can’t always be easily regenerated.  In local mode, it stores the report snapshot, which contains a compiled form of the report definition, some or all of the data used in the report, and some report state information such as which toggles have…


Why is ReportViewer Ignoring BindingSource Operations?

I’ve seen several posts in the Report Viewer forum from frustrated users who are trying to use a BindingSource as a data source to the ReportViewer in local mode.  Problems typically manifest when setting sorting or filtering options on the BindingSource object, but those operations are not reflected in your report.  So what’s going on?…