Report Viewer at PDC 2009

Stella Chan, Program Manager for the Reporting Services developer scenarios, will be presenting at PDC this week.  If you're attending the conference, check out her session: Developing Rich Reporting Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2.  She will demo lots of new Reporting Services functionality, including the new Visual Studio 2010 ReportViewer control.

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  1. Rasetti says:

    Hi Brian,

    Is the new ReportViewer compatible with SSRS 2005?

    Im getting "An error occurred during client rendering.

    An attempt has been made to use a rendering extension that is not registered for this report server." errors everytime I try to run it from an .aspx page, so I was wandering wheter a compatibility issue could be the cause.


  2. The VS 2010 ReportViewer will not work with SQL 2005.  It requires SQL 2008 or later for server mode.  We are changing this error message for the final release to specifically indicate this.  The reason it requires SQL 2008 is because it uses the RPL renderer on the server and performs transformations from RPL to HTML internally.  The RPL renderer first shipped with SQL 2008.

  3. Tony Widjaja says:

    will there be a WPF version of the Report Viewer in 2010?

  4. molaie says:

    the code attached to "Manually Printing a Report"

    doesn’t works in landscape mode, i do many changes & its decision! is to print only in portrait, is there any way to print in landscape mode?

    my page is A6, and also i have chaned the width & height to 105mm,148mm & 148mm,105mm & it prints only in portrait mode.

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