401 – Unauthorized Response to Register-SPWorkflowService

My previous post about configuring the Workflow Manager using least privilege is a great start; however I realized the other day that I was missing something. Thinking about a more realistic scenario and indeed if I decided that I need high availability, then I’d need more than one Workflow Manager (WF) server. I started doing…


HowTo Get the Raw LDAP Query from SharePoint’s User Profile Import

**WARNING: This article discusses modifications to default settings for your SharePoint installation. Please understand completely the steps you are taking and the risks to your farm before proceeding. MIISClient can be a useful tool for monitoring user profile synchronization, but it is unsupported to make changes using the tool. See Support for modifications to the…


SELECT Permission Denied When Consuming User Profile Service Application

**Updated to include the officially supported method** While setting up a repro scenario a month or so ago I encountered an interesting issue with consuming the User Profile Service Application (UPSA). And by interesting, of course I mean maddening… It appears that the documentation around how to consume a shared User Profile Service Application is…


Export-SPWeb Syntax Changes Between Root Site and Sub Sites

Working on a somewhat related issue today and needed to test something with Export-SPWeb. We were trying to import a list from an STP (List template) and in order to get there I decided to export one of my own lists and play around a bit. Much to my surprise I was unable to export…


Options for SharePoint User Profile Properties and Photos

As I’ve mentioned, most of these blogs are for my own benefit. My memory isn’t as good as it once was… has something to do with years gone by and only limited space.   It is what it is.. My customer is working through a migration from Wave 14 (Exchange 2010, Lync 2010, and SharePoint…


SharePoint 2013 and 404 on Every Site

In my lab environment the other day I started receiving a 404 from *all* of my SharePoint sites. So you being checking the usual suspects like the ULS logs and the event logs, but there were no errors note. One of my colleagues asked about the IIS logs and the sub-status code for the 404….


Getting a Lync Attendee List When Lync Web Access is the Client

When holding Lync meetings with customers who cannot join our meetings through the Lync client they are forced to use the Lync Web Access client, which provides them with a browser based client to join and participate when they otherwise would not be able to do so due to corporate security requirements. While this works…


Least Privilege Remote Configuration of Search for SharePoint Server 2013

My customer was going through the process of creating scripts to configure their latest SharePoint Server 2013 (SP2013) farm and encountered an issue while provisioning the Search topology. It was quite a sticking point for them so I began some research. I’ve simplified the scenario in order to make the repro easier and this is…