SP2013 State Service Required for Search

I had configured my farm without using the wizard – like any good SharePoint Administrator should do. Everything was working great as far as I could tell; I had User Profiles, Taxonomy, Search, the entire Social experiences, email… everything.

As I was setting up for a demo to my customer, I was clicking around the Search Admin pages and noticed the following:


“The chart cannot be rendered. This may be due to a misconfiguration of the Microsoft SharePoint Server State Service. For more information, contact your server administrator.”

It just so happens in my environment that I had never configured the state service, but I searched around and even though I see several points of data that show you how to configure the state service when you are configuring the farm manually I never saw anything that said Search requires the state service for reports. Maybe it should be a given, but in my case everything seemed to work until I got to this point.

After configuring the state service, I was then able to get reports from Search:


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  1. I had the same issue today…open a SharePoint Management Shell as Administrator and enter the following commands:

    PS C:>$serviceApp = New-SPStateServiceApplication -Name "State Service Application"

    PS C:> New-SPStateServiceDatabase -Name "StateServiceApplicationDB" -ServiceApplication $serviceApp

    PS C:> New-SPStateServiceApplicationProxy -Name "State Service Application Proxy" -ServiceApplication $serviceApp -DefaultProxyGroup

  2. BrianGre says:

    great add-on, Wes, thanks!

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