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I wanted to write a post on Azure but did not want to repeat information that is already available. So knowing how hard it can be to find information, as we like to spread it around our different web properties, I thought I would create a post where I try and provide a one stop shopping experience. Here are a bunch of different links to information on Azure. I hope that providing them all in one location provides you easy access to a great deal of information and saves you much time. My hope is that there is something here for everyone. Developers, Business and Technical decision makers, and folks that just want to learn what Azure is. Quick disclaimer, this is not meant to be all inclusive as new information is always being added. But this should give you a good starting point and if a friend, boss, etc asks you for info on Azure just copy and paste the links below.   So enjoy.

Current Options for Backing up Data with SQL Azure - This white paper covers the current backup operations for SQL Azure.
Moving Access Data To The Cloud - This white paper walks through how to use the SQL Server Migration Assistant migration wizard to move the North Wind database in Microsoft Access to SQL Azure.
Overview of Security in SQL Azure - This white paper will provide an overview of Security on SQLAzure, including firewall settings and user permissions.
Overview of Options for Migrating Data and Schema to SQL Azure – This white paper provides an overview of the tools that can be used to Migrate SQL Server data and schemas to SQL Azure.
Overview of Tools to Use with SQL Azure – This white paper provides an overview of the current tools produced by Microsoft that support SQL Azure
Connection Management in SQL Azure – Describes the thresholds and conditions that trigger connection loss and how to mitigate it

More whitepapers:

Academy Live: SQL Azure: What is it and How is it Different from SQL Server?
here to watch the session.

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Windows Azure Platform Training Kit - September Update

Windows Azure Platform Training Course

Windows Azure Virtual Labs

PDC 2010 sessions:

Security Resources for Windows Auzre:



Hope you find this little reference of links useful in your Azure journey.




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