Visual Studio Team System 2010 Improvements

Brian Harry, one of our prominent Technical Fellows, is blogging on the new features in Visual Studio Team System. Please check out his blog for the recent posting on TFS 2010 Admin, Operations & Setup Improvements. This is a must read.

As time permits I will post new features that Brian doesn't cover and that I am working on in some way - mainly through our Ranger projects. The new features for Visual Studio Team System are many and we have a new SKU as well, one of the projects I am a lead on (I am on about 5 right now) we are creating guidance that will quickly get you up and aware of what is new and how to use the new feature. Our idea is that the guidance has a razor focus so that you can brief yourself quickly. I will be sharing more about these projects and VSTS 2010 in general in future posts.


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