TFS Branching Guide 2.0 Released

Today, we posted the 2nd major release of the TFS Branching Guide here on Codeplex.

Branching strategy is one of the most important aspects of TFS deployment. The right strategy can lead to optimized team cooperation, increased productivity and a successful adoption. On the other hand, a bad branching strategy can cause frustrations, damage production and derail TFS adoption in an organization. We have therefore put a lot of effort in creating a set of practical guidance to educate our customers and partners and support their VSTS adoption efforts.

This guidance covers the common cases and not always the special cases. If you have a special case, i.e. Enterprise Scrums Teams with Continuous Integration then you may have different requirements and therefore different scenarios from the guidance. I plan to continue to contribute to the guidance regarding my experiences in implementing special scenarios.

If there is any one thing I can share with you it is that you need to prove out your assumptions and branching strategies in a test environment before you implement them in production. Too many times do I learn of organizations that use the production environment for testing.

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