From The Inside Looking Out

I am Brian Blackman, my title is Application Development Consultant, and I work with ISV customers under Microsoft Services Partner Advantage (MSPA.) I will talk about MSPA in future posts.

Of my 11+ years at Microsoft, I have spent most of that time in Services with a few attachments to the Product Groups, e.g. the early days of Microsoft Access (code name Cirrus and the predecessor to Omega) and Windows for Automotive (WfA).

I will blog and rant on just about anything I think is of value for someone outside of Microsoft, special announcements and reference to other important Microsoft employee blogs such as Brian Harry. I will post about technical topics, including code I have written that I think is worthy of your time without giving away any IP.

My first post introduction blog will be on creating NTFS Junctions through C#. It is something I did about a year ago and is no rockets science yet a challenge without source code access – that includes me! Yes, that is correct, just because you work at Microsoft does not mean you have source code access. In fact, customers will have access when I do not. I use to have access, but overtime we became more secure about such access. For example, I just lost my access to CE and WfA since I no longer work with those products or those product groups.

Until my next rant,


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