What SQL Server 2012 Means for PHP Developers

Last week, Microsoft held a virtual conference to announce the availability of SQL Server 2012. The conference included a number of events (speakers, videos, training activities, etc.) that focused on the new functionality available in this release. Now that most of the fanfare has died down a bit, I’d like to take a look at…


Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning with SQL Server Traces

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post (How to Change Database Settings with the PDO_SQLSRV Driver) that highlighted a problem that came up at the November JumpIn! Camp in Redmond. To get to the root of the problem (and eventually a solution), I used SQL Profiler to monitor events on my database server….


SQL Server Driver for PHP Connection Options: Transaction Isolation Levels

Last week I had the good fortune of presenting at the the Seattle PHP Meet Up on a topic I knew only a little about: transaction isolation levels. It was fun doing the homework to learn more and I’ll share what I learned in this post. However, before diving in, I want to call out…


I’m a Judge for My App is Better Challenge

I recently found out that I was chosen to be on the judging panel for the My App is Better Challenge. I must say I’m honored and excited, but I also feel somewhat intimidated. Just look at the rest of the judging panel: Mitcho (Michael Yoshitaka) developer of the popular WordPress plugin “Yet Another Related…


SQL Express Size Limit – Filestream Excepted

I’ve written a couple of blog posts about the Filestream feature that is available with SQL Server Express: one post on my blog (Store Images in the Database or Filesystem?) and one post as a guest writer on the SQL Server Driver for PHP Team Blog (Using the Filestream Functionality of SQL Server 2008). And…


SQL Server Driver for PHP: Understanding Windows Authentication

In my last post, I provided an overview of using the SQL Server Driver for PHP. One of the driver features I didn’t mention in that post is the support for Integrated Windows Authentication when connecting to a server. So, that’s what I’ll take a closer look at in this post.   I must confess…