Performance Tuning PHP Apps on Windows/IIS with Output Caching

In this article, I’ll show you how to improve the performance of PHP applications on Windows/IIS by covering the What, When, and How of using the IIS Output Caching module. As background reading (or for the condensed version of my post), I suggest reading this: Configure IIS 7 Output Caching (and I strongly suggest reading…


Video Tour of PHP Manager for IIS

Last week, Ruslan Yakushev announced the release of the 1.1 version of the PHP Manager for IIS. I thought a tour of the PHP Manager functionality might work best in video format. I’d be interested learning what you think of the PHP Manager itself, but also in knowing what you think of the video format….


PHP Manager for IIS 7 Released!

Yesterday, Ruslan Yakushev announced the availability of the final, stable release of the PHP Manager for IIS (v1.0).  (It is available for download here.) There have been some significant changes in the final release since I wrote about the first beta release a month ago. Not only have several bugs have been fixed, but new…


Managing Multiple PHP Versions with PHP Manager for IIS 7

[See this post for information about the final, stable release of version 1.0 of the PHP Manager for IIS:] Some time back I wrote a post about how to run multiple PHP versions on the same server with IIS (Running Multiple PHP Versions with IIS). While running multiple PHP versions wasn’t complicated, it wasn’t…


Running Multiple PHP Versions with IIS

At the Dutch PHP Conference a couple of weeks ago, I did a presentation that included a demonstration of running multiple PHP versions with IIS. (This is a great feature if you want to test an application against different versions of PHP.) However, I must confess that after the conference I found a flaw in…


SQL Server Driver for PHP: Understanding Windows Authentication

In my last post, I provided an overview of using the SQL Server Driver for PHP. One of the driver features I didn’t mention in that post is the support for Integrated Windows Authentication when connecting to a server. So, that’s what I’ll take a closer look at in this post.   I must confess…


Getting Started with PHP on Windows

I started working on some of the posts that I’ve promised, but I quickly realized I should cover the basics first. So, in this post I’ll cover the requirements, options, and instructions for installing PHP and configuring Internet Information Services (IIS). (My knowledge of the Apache web server is not extensive, so I’ll point Apache users to these…