PDO Cheat Sheet for SQL Server Driver for PHP

I know, I know…part of the point in having a common data abstraction layer like PDO is that you only have to know one API for accessing any database…so who needs a cheat sheet? Well, I do. With this weeks release of the SQL Server Driver for PHP 2.0 CTP 1 (which includes a PDO driver for SQL Server), I need to get up to speed quickly. And, the truth is, I’m fairly inexperienced with PDO, so a cheat sheet is helping me learn the API. Besides, there are some constants that are database specific…I don’t stand a chance of keeping those at the ready without a cheat sheet. On the chance that this might be useful to someone else, I thought I’d share. An image of the cheat sheet is below and a PDF version of the cheat sheet (that you can print) is attached to this post. If you do find it useful (or if it could be more useful by changing the included information), please let me know.

Note: The cheat sheet reflects a preliminary release of the PDO driver for SQL Server. It may (and probably will) change as the development team receives feedback on the driver. Please provide your feedback on the driver by commenting below or commenting below, on the SQL Server Driver for PHP Team Blog, or in the forum.

For more detailed information about the PDO interface, go to the PDO documentation on php.net. For more information about the PDO driver for SQL Server, see the documentation on MSDN.

Here’s to hoping this is useful.




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Comments (5)
  1. davestump says:

    Thanks for the cheat sheet – much appreciated 🙂

  2. Your’re welcome! I hope it’s useful.

  3. Kalessin says:

    Good work, looks like it'll really help me out. Is the PDF version still available please?

  4. @Kalessin-

    Not sure what happened to the PDF version. I've attached an updated version (updated to reflect the final driver, not just the CTP API). Let me know if you have any trouble downloading it.


  5. Kalessin says:

    @Brian Swan: Downloaded just fine, thanks very much!

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