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As I’ve learned (and continue to learn) PHP and Microsoft technologies, I’ve found some very helpful resources on the web. But, they are sometimes hard to find, and they certainly aren’t usually found in one place. So, before I begin drilling into some of the things I suggested in my first post, I thought I’d take a stab at consolidating the resources that I’ve found to be especially helpful. Here is my list of the Top 10 resources for PHP/Microsoft technologies:

1. : You name it, it’s here.

2. : Excellent guidance and up-to-date information about recent releases.

3. : How to use FastCGI to host PHP applications on IIS 7.0.

4. : In a nutshell, everything you need to know about accessing SQL Server data from PHP*. (Yes, I’m biased because I wrote this. J)

5. This forum is monitored by the team that builds IIS.

6. : This forum is monitored by the team that builds the SQL Server Driver for PHP.

7. : Ready-to-go demos, labs, and technical content.

8. : The PHP participants on Stackoverflow aren’t always focused on Microsoft technologies, but they’re a very knowledgeable bunch. (Do your homework first!)

9. : Ruslan Yakushev is a program manager on the IIS team and is focused on PHP development.

10. : This blog often contains helpful “how to” content while providing a bird’s eye view of Microsoft’s efforts toward interoperability.

(* This paper hasn’t yet been updated with information about the SQL Server Driver for PHP 1.1 features. To get the updated picture, see the driver documentation: )

There you have it (I guess I snuck in one extra). If you’ve got some highly valued resources related to PHP and Microsoft technologies, please share.



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