More on yesterday’s ODF announcement

Gray Knowlton had a great post yesterday laying out more of the details on the “Save as ODF” functionality that will be built in natively for Office 2007 SP2: Even though ODF 1.0 is the official ISO version of the format, the decision was made to use version 1.1 which had some accessibility improvements….


ODF support in Office

I took a few weeks off recently, which is why my blog has been fairly inactive the past month. I wanted to take a quick moment to point out some big news that’s been in the works for some time now. Today we announced a number of developments in the document formats arena. Doug Mahugh…


Video clip of the add-in for authoring Scientific Articles

If you want to get an idea of how the add-in works, Pablo has posted a short video:    Pablo suggested skipping to about 4:40 into the video to see the actual solution. For more information on the add-in, check out the blog: -Brian


Object embedding in Open XML

There were some concerns raised earlier on that the Open XML format required a specific object embedding to be used (OLE). While it’s true that the tag names in the format have “OLE” in them, the embedding is actually generic, and can use other technologies if that’s what’s desired. I believe (but I’m not positive)…


BRM is done… time to sleep :-)

Well, the BRM is over and I can only describe the week as a lot of technical work and a lot of great people I was lucky enough to meet and exchange ideas with. The objective of the BRM was to work with all of the National Body delegations in the room and improve the specification on a…


British Library now hosting the Office Binary file format specifications

For folks excited by the availability of the binary file format specs last week, but concerned about the long term availability of those documents, this should be good news. The British Library has archived, and now made them available to the public: From the website: The British Library has agreed with Microsoft to archive…


Binary Documentation (.doc, .xls, .ppt) and Translator Project Site are now live

As promised last month, the binary documentation (.doc, .xls, .ppt) is now live. In addition to this, the project to create an open source translator (binary -> Open XML) has now been formed on sourceforge, and the development roadmap has been published. Read my earlier post for more background on this: Here’s an overview…


Links for 1-31-08

A few interesting links I wanted to point out: Content Reuse with Open XML and XSLT – Alexander Falk (Altova’s CEO) has a great post giving examples of how to work with Open XML files using XML Spy: “This is the first article in a series of blog postings that I plan to write about…


OASIS ODF committee considering joining DIN to help with translation and interop

This is very cool. It looks like the OASIS committee is looking at coming on board to help out with the work going on in DIN to help understand the translation between Open XML and ODF: This would be very cool if they either joined or formed a liaison with the group, as it…


Links for 1-25-08

A few interesting and entertaining links to end the week: IBM’s Stance Against OpenXML Is Increasingly Confusing – Oliver Bell has a great post where he drills into the history the FUD approach. He also points out how easy it is for a large organization to have trouble with consistent messaging. What every engineer knows…