Friday thoughts (Oct 27, 2006)

I’d been meaning to post a write-up on how to create a simple SpreadsheetML document from scratch, but just haven’t had the time this week to pull it all together. Hopefully I’ll get that out early next week. I had already done a similar post for WordprocessingML (both for Beta 1 as well as RTM)….


Parsing WordprocessingML using XLinq

Here’s a post from Eric White where he provides some code samples for using XLinq to parse a WordprocessingML document: Here’s the description of what Eric was trying to accomplish: “Recently, I had a problem where there wasn’t a code testing harness that would do exactly what I wanted. I want to grab my…


Use the Open XML formats today with Office XP & Office 2003

A coworker of mine, just reminded me that for those folks interested in using the new Open XML formats but don’t want to upgrade to Office 2007 Beta 2, we also released a public preview of the compatibility packs (thanks Jon!). This is one of the other really important points I’ve tried to get across over the…


Custom Defined Schemas

I’ve talked a lot about the value of “Custom Schema” support in Office. Anytime I give talks on the file formats, I make sure to spend some time also talking about the support for custom schema. I don’t think I’ve really given the basic intro though on the difference between reference schemas and custom defined…


MSDN Webcast: Building Microsoft Office 2003 Solutions Using XML and XML Web Services

There’s a webcast next Thursday (Nov. 3) that will show ways you can leverage Office 2003’s XML functionality to integrate with Web Services. It will go into both the file formats and the custom defined schema support, and should only last about a hour, so if you get a chance you should check it out:…


Real world example: Shredding Office documents and storing in a backend database

I’ve been receiving various e-mails from folks showing solutions they are building on top of the existing Office XML support, and I wanted to start posting some of these examples. Today, I wanted to post an e-mail I received from Robert Nederby who works for Coextant. They’ve built a solution that shows the flexibility you…


Knowledge is the "key" when talking about XML support in Office

There has been a lot of speculation over what the XML support in Office really entails. I think knowledge is really the key here, and I ask all of you who are interested to take some time to actually get your feet wet and understand the facts. I’ve made a number of posts over the…


More tools that work on top of Word XML

There is a company called CambridgeDocs that has built a tool that will transform from WordML into XSL-FO. Here’s a link to their site: This is just another example of a group that has leveraged the XML support in Office 2003 to build a tool to solve specific customer needs. As I’ve said numerous…


Example of using XSLT to import DB info into Word

Here’s a blog entry I just came across where the user is building an XSLT that will transform their data into WordprocessingML ( It’s followed up by another post that was made today ( This is a cool example of how you can start playing around with the document generation capabilities that come with XML…


Converting WordprocessingML into HTML (for easy viewing)

Many people have asked me if there is an easy way to go from Word XML into XHTML. I’ve already mentioned that we have a tool available that transforms from Word 2003 XML into HTML. You can download it here: This is actually a pretty cool tool. There are a number of ways you…