Open XML SDK 2.5 is now available

There is new a CTP available of the Open XML SDK version 2.5: As I mentioned in my post earlier this week, Open XML is an important piece of our overall application model for Office 365 solutions. Here are a few of the things that are new in this version of the SDK: New…


Writing Large Excel Files with the Open XML SDK

In my last post, I showed you guys how to use the Open XML SDK to read and parse large Excel files. Today, I am going to show you how to write large Excel files with the Open XML SDK. Like in the case of reading, the Open XML SDK provides two approaches for writing…


Parsing and Reading Large Excel Files with the Open XML SDK

I want to thank you guys for leaving blog post requests. Today’s post will focus on one of your requests: parsing and reading large Excel files with the Open XML SDK. The Open XML SDK provides two approaches for parsing Open XML files: 1. using the SDK DOM, 2. using the SAX-like reading/writing capabilities. The…


Improvements Made to the Final Open XML SDK 2.0 compared to the December 2009 CTP

In a previous post, where I announced the release of the Open XML SDK 2.0, I promised to give you guys a list of improvements and breaking changes made to the SDK compared to the December 2009 CTP. We made a few tweaks to the SDK based on some of the great feedback we received…


Zeyad Rajabi’s Open XML SDK Blog Map

This post will represent the most up-to-date blog map for topics on the Open XML SDK. Open XML SDK Basics Topic Description Open XML SDK… the Basics Learn about classes of the SDK and their first class properties. This post is a great introduction to the Open XML SDK. Traversing in the Open XML DOM…


Announcing the Release of the Open XML SDK 2.0

Today, I am really excited to announce the worldwide availability of the Open XML SDK 2.0 for Microsoft Office! The Open XML SDK plays an integral part in creating Office document solutions that work on the client or server. The Open XML SDK allows you to create, consume, and manipulate Open XML files without needing…


Open XML SDK + Office Services: Better Together

I am probably starting to sound like a broken record, but I am really excited about the different types of solutions that are possible when combining the Open XML SDK with Office Services. In the past, I showed you how to leverage the Open XML SDK to accomplish three main scenarios: Push data into Open…


Leveraging the Power of Word Automation Services and the Open XML SDK

Have you ever wanted to update page number fields or a table of contents within Word documents on the server? The Open XML SDK provides functionality that allows you to easily add or remove content within a Word document. However, as mentioned in the announcement of the Open XML SDK 2.0, the SDK does not…


Open XML SDK Code behind the Custom XML Markup Detection Tool

Recently on Gray’s blog he posted about a scanning tool that can be used to detect custom XML markup in Word Open XML files (*.docx, *.docm, *.dotm, and *.dotx). The tool is built using the Open XML SDK and we wanted to take the opportunity to show you how the solution works in this blog….


Document Assembly: Merging Excel, PowerPoint, and Word Content Together

Document assembly seems to be a hot topic these days especially when combined with the power of SharePoint. Today, I want to show you a pretty rich document assembly solution that is able to take multiple Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents and merge them all together to form a final Word document. I showed this…