Explanation of the ISO “Fast-Track” process

The Fast-Track process for OpenXML is just now getting underway, and there about 6 more months of review before the ballots will be cast. I got an e-mail yesterday asking why there was only a month for ISO to review the OpenXML submission and I figured I should clear this up. I’ve seen this misinformation…


History of office XML formats (1998-2006)

I thought it might be interesting to look at a timeline of the past 8 years or so in terms of ODF and OpenXML. I had some of this stuff noted down already and looked up a few other statistics, etc. Let me know if there are any additional things of interest I should add….


Passing the OpenXML standard over to ISO

I’ve been reading some pretty wild stuff lately in the blogosphere around OpenXML and its submission to ISO. If all the rumors and misinformation that’s out there is to be believed: Microsoft has somehow found a way around the ISO fast track process, so that a vote on Open XML is due any day now…


Leveraging content in other formats

There is a really cool feature that we added into the WordprocessingML format that allows you to pass a file off to a consumer using alternative formats embedded within the WordprocessingML if you know that the consumer supports that alternate format. We had a lot of customers asking for this type of functionality, so we…


The power of data-view separation in your documents

There is an excellent post over on the Word team blog that goes into details on how the new content controls feature (when parred with XML mapping) allows for powerful data-view separation in you wordprocessing documents. I’ve talked many times about the custom defined schema support, and this post from Tristan does a great job…


Specifying the document settings

Earlier today I got an e-mail from Max asking if I could help clarify the section of the specification that deals with compatibility settings. Max was reading a blog post from IBM, and was hoping that I could respond with my point of view. Here’s the original message from Max: Hi, I read this entry…


Open XML support in older versions of Office

I was just reading this article in wired (http://www.wired.com/news/technology/software/0,72403-0.html?tw=wn_technology_4) and it looks like there is still some misunderstanding about where Open XML is going to be supported. Here is the piece of the article I’m talking about: Significantly, OOXML will not work with older versions of Microsoft Office, which alone could motivate some to upgrade….


Links – Jan 05 2007

Hope everyone had a great first week of 2007. I’m just trying to adjust to being back at work myself. Here are a handful of interesting links from the week: The enchanted office This was brought to my attention yesterday. It’s a comic meant to show the story of the new Office 2007 user interface….

“Directions on Microsoft” Report on Open XML formats

There is a new report out from Directions on Microsoft that discusses the new Open XML formats, and the impact on Office customers. It discusses the benefits that organizations will see from the formats, as well as some deployment recommendations. Here is a link: http://www.directionsonmicrosoft.com/sample/DOMIS/update/2007/01jan/0107nffio2.htm I liked Rob’s overview of the payoffs for Content Management,…


Using SpreadsheetML to generate rich reports of timesheet data

Happy New Year everyone. I hope everyone was able to enjoy the holiday season. I took a couple weeks off in case you were wondering why there weren’t any new blog posts. While I took some time off, I did still get a chance to play around with the file formats (I think I have…