The new app platform from a developer perspective

On Monday, I posted on the Office Next blog about the experience from an end user perspective around apps for Office and SharePoint. Yesterday, I posted about it from the developer point of view. Tomorrow, I’ll post from the IT/administrator point of view. Ultimately there are really three customers of this new model, and it’s…


Announcing the app building contest

Vivek announced a contest we’re kicking off for people who are building apps for Office or SharePoint. Here’s a link to the post: The short of it though is that there are some awesome prizes, and we’re giving out a ton of them, so you have a high chance of winning (go to the…


A look into the user experiences around apps for Office and SharePoint

We’re going to have a few posts this week up on the Office Next blog that drill into the new app model from three perspectives: the end user; the developer; and the administrator. This first post that goes into the end user experience is now live:


Open XML SDK 2.5 is now available

There is new a CTP available of the Open XML SDK version 2.5: As I mentioned in my post earlier this week, Open XML is an important piece of our overall application model for Office 365 solutions. Here are a few of the things that are new in this version of the SDK: New…


New post up on the apps for Office blog

I just posted on the apps for Office blog, giving some more background into the new model:


Test Message

Test message… haven’t used the blog in awhile, so want to make sure it still works! 🙂