Zeyad Rajabi’s Open XML SDK Blog Map

This post will represent the most up-to-date blog map for topics on the Open XML SDK.

Open XML SDK Basics



Open XML SDK… the Basics

Learn about classes of the SDK and their first class properties. This post is a great introduction to the Open XML SDK.

Traversing in the Open XML DOM

Learn the basic techniques of traversing in the Open XML DOM tree using the Open XML SDK.

Open XML SDK Code Snippets

Learn how to leverage the Open XML SDK code snippets to create rich solutions.

Finding Open XML Errors with Open XML SDK Validation

Learn how to use the Open XML SDK to validate your Open XML files.

Open XML SDK Productivity Tool

Learn how to use the Open XML SDK Productivity Tool. This tool is the easiest way to learn about the Open XML file formats and the Open XML SDK.




The Easy Way to Assemble Multiple Documents

Learn how to leverage altChunks to easily create a robust document assembly solution in less than a thirty lines of code.

Taking Advantage of Bound Content Controls

Learn how to leverage bound content controls to bind to custom XML.

Pushing Data from a Database into a Word Document

Learn how to build a repeating table within WordprocessingML based on data within a database.

Removing Comments from a Wordprocessing Document Programmatically

Learn how to remove comments from a Word document.

Retrieving Word Content Based on Styles

Learn how to retrieve content in a document based on style information.

Removing Page and Section Breaks from a Word Document

Learn how to remove page and section breaks in a Word document.




Document Assembly Solution for SpreadsheetML

Learn how to populate a spreadsheet with data from a real SQL database and create a cool looking chart based on that data.

Read Data from SpreadsheetML

Learn how to read data from a spreadsheet and insert it into some data source, like a database.

Writing Semantically Aware LINQ Queries Against Excel Tables

Learn how to write a generic LINQ query that can work against any data source, including an Excel table.

How to Copy a Worksheet within a Workbook

Learn how to copy a worksheet within the same workbook.

Removing Comments from Excel and PowerPoint Files

Learn how to remove comments from an Excel workbook.

Read Large Excel Files using the Open XML SDK Learn how to use the SAX-like capabilities of the Open XML SDK to read very large Excel files.




Creating a Presentation Report Based on Data

Learn how to create a rich presentation report based on data from a database.

How to Assemble Multiple PowerPoint Decks

Learn how to merge multiple PowerPoint decks together.

Removing Comments from Excel and PowerPoint Files

Learn how to remove comments from a PowerPoint deck.

Adding Repeating Data to PowerPoint

Learn how to create repeating data within a table on a PowerPoint slide.

Multiple Applications (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)



Importing Charts from Spreadsheets to Wordprocessing Documents

Learn how to import a chart from a spreadsheet to a Word document.

Importing a Table from WordprocessingML to SpreadsheetML

Learn how to import a table from a Wordprocessing document into a spreadsheet.

Importing SmartArt from PowerPoint to Word

Learn how to import SmartArt from a PowerPoint deck into a Word document.

Embedding an Open XML File in another Open XML File

Learn how to embed Open XML files within other Open XML documents.

Embedding Any File Type, Like PDF, in an Open XML File

Learn how to embed any file within Open XML documents.

The Open XML SDK and Fluent UI Extensibility

Learn how to add custom UI to a set of documents within a directory.

Document Assembly: Merging Excel, PowerPoint, and Word Content Together

Learn how to take multiple Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents and merge them all together to form a final Word document.

Office Services



Extending the Reach of Excel Services with the Open XML SDK

Learn how to extend the reach of Excel Services and hosted charts to gather data from within a library of Word documents.

Leveraging the Power of Word Automation Services and the Open XML SDK

Learn how to use Word Automation Services to update a table of contents of several documents have been merged with the Open XML SDK

Open XML SDK + Office Services: Better Together

Learn how to leverage all three components, the SDK and the two Office services, to create a very cool mash up document assembly solution


Year + Conference + Session


2008 PDC - Open XML Format SDK: Developing Open XML Solutions

width="980" height="498"> Get Microsoft Silverlight

2009 SPC – Deep Dive Open XML and Open XML SDK

height="450"> Get Microsoft Silverlight

2009 PDC – Open XML SDK + Office Services

width="800" height="450"> Get Microsoft Silverlight


Zeyad Rajabi

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  1. Nik Patel says:

    Wow!!! Thanks for pulling all together.

  2. David Lancaster says:

    Do you know of a good book on how to export ppt, manipulate them, and import them back in?

    P.S. Your videos rock.  

  3. princegoyal.1985@gmail.com says:

    Hi Brian/Zeyad

    I am writing an application for which am going through the office open XML specifications.

    1) According to "Office Open XML Part 3 – Primer.docx" : Run defines a region of text with a common set of properties (Fonts,bold,color etc).

    2)But "Office Open XML Part 4 – Markup Language Reference.docx" says that Within a single run, there may be up to four types of content present which shall each be allowed to use a unique font:

    • ASCII

    • High ANSI

    • Complex Script

    • East Asian

    My Quesion is if Run defines a region with common set of properties(like fonts) then how is it possible to have contents within a single run to have different fonts ?

    Also is the right place to discuss about such issues if not, please let me know the forum where i can post my queries?

    My other issues include:Support for Emboss,shadow,outline,Engrave text effects in FlowDocuments ?

    Your reply would be of great help.

    Thanks in advance

  4. Zeyad Rajabi says:

    Thanks guys.

    @David – I don’t have a particular book in mind, but if I do come across one I will let you guys know.

    @PrinceGoyal – I would recommend asking your question on Doug’s blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/dmahugh/.

  5. princegoyal.1985@gmail.com says:

    Hi Zeyad

    Thanks for your reply.

  6. Olivier says:

    I’d like to add another link to the Word map : how to convert Html to OpenXml. See http://notesfor.net/post/2010/03/05/Html-to-OpenXml-converter.aspx

    Thank you!

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