Open XML SDK Sessions at the Professional Developers Conference (PDC)

I'm pretty excited, next week I'll be at PDC in Los Angeles giving another presentation on the Open XML SDK. I'll be at the conference from Nov 17-19, so if you're at PDC do come by and say hi. Here's the description and time of the session I'll be presenting:

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Document Assembly and Manipulation on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Using Word Automation Services and Open XML

11/19/2009 11:30AM

@ 408B


Come learn about the Open XML SDK, which provides a set of .NET APIs to help developers create and manipulate documents in the Open XML Formats, and the Microsoft Office services available in SharePoint Server 2010. Hear how Word Automation Services and Excel Services can be used to build solutions for server environments without the need of the Office clients. Come and check out all the demos and free source code.

Let me know if there are specific demos you would like to see. Besides the presentation, you will be able to find me at the Office client booth during the week of PDC and at the "Ask the Experts" event. I'm looking forward to hearing feedback from you guys at the conference.

Zeyad Rajabi

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  1. Vladimir Jovanovic says:

    Zeyad.  I have not been able to go to any conferences since TechEd in Orlando last year, where I briefly spoke with you.  I hope you make your presentation files available to those of us who cannot attend.

    Unrelated question.  With Office 2010 coming out relatively soon, when could we expect a first actual beta of Open XML SDK?


  2. Zeyad Rajabi says:

    Vladimir – I will post the recordings to my sessions as soon as they are made available.

    Version 2 of the Open XML SDK will be released around the same time as Office 2010, which is scheduled to be sometime in Q1 2010. That being said, the CTP version of the SDK is pretty stable.

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