Office 2010 and how it can help you build powerful solutions…

There will be more details over the coming months on what's coming in Office 2010, and the power it brings to developers. I'm particularly excited to start talking about the ways in which you can combine the power of the rich clients with server side technologies to build solutions that no longer just target a specific individual using a specific application, but instead expand out to the workgroup, and all the content they are leveraging to accomplish their goals.

Many developers are already building solutions that benefit from the combination of SharePoint and the Office rich clients, and I wanted to make sure that folks were aware of the developer conference coming up this fall that will go into all the details of Office 2010. As Gray points out in his latest blog post (, there will be a dedicated track at the SharePoint conference 2009 specifically focused on the rich extensibility model in the latest version of the Office client suite. Many of the features that provide immediate value to the typical end users also will allow developers to build some pretty interesting and powerful custom applications.

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  1. Erika Ehrli says:

    Last year I had the opportunity to attend the Office Developer Conference 2008 in San Jose, CA . I remember

  2. Steve says:

    Hi Brian.   We develop a solution which integrates Office 2007 Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook to Microsoft Dynamics AX in real time.  The solution is n-tier and used WCF for comms and WPF for all presentation.

    Is this conference the one to send some developers on?


  3. Gray Knowlton says:

    Steve, yes it is. Stay tuned to for details. I’ll publish the session list there as we get closer to the show.

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