The OSP will apply to DIS 29500 (Open XML) going forward

Oliver has a post today discussing this, as it's come up a lot in the discussions he's been having:


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  1. Rob Weir says:

    As Oliver puts it, the OSP will have a line added to it that says:

    “As long as Microsoft participates in the revision process to completion, Microsoft irrevocably commits to apply the OSP to that future version of IS29500.”

    I don’t even know what “participate in the revision process” means in JTC1. Companies don’t participate at all in JTC1, only NB’s and Liaisons do.  In what sense is Microsoft participating in the process now?  As an NB member in Germany?  Is that alone enough to trigger this provision?

    The OASIS promise, which binds IBM as well, is much clearer. If you are a TC member for 60 days, and remain a TC member 7 days after a Committee Draft is released, then you are obligated to the OASIS IPR terms if that draft ever is approved as a Committee Specification or an OASIS Standard. Since the OASIS process has a built-in 15-day delay between the approval of a Committee Specification and the start of a ballot for an OASIS Standard, it is crystal clear to anyone voting in OASIS (or later in JTC1) exactly what companies are obliged. There is no loophole for companies to drop out of the process on the last day of the ballot period, as the revised OSP seems to allow.

  2. marc says:

    Yesterday India, now Brazil: another big developing economy ( trying to achieve technology unlock-in avoiding to approve half-cooked drafts as ISO standars ) that don’t think DIS 29500 has the technical merits to be fast-tracked:

  3. Anonymous Coward says:

    This provides completely different view point on the subject:

    I guess I need a lawyer of my own to sort this out!

  4. oliver says:

    That is a fair point Rob, and the language will probably get revised to make it clearer as it gets transposed from my blog to

    The important point for now is that our commitment to future versions of DIS29500 is strong!

    More to come…

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