YouTube video of Open XML on an iPhone

Here’s a cool video showing the rich Open XML support available on the iPhone:

There are a number of videos available related to Open XML if you are interested:


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  1. Dave S. says:

    Any quantification to go with "cool" and "rich" or are they just to make the minimum blog word count?

  2. hAl says:

    Pretty good that the iPhone supports a lot of the formatting and even graphics object like displaying spreadsheet graphs, especially if you consider it supported OOXML files before Windows Mobile did.

    However afaik it is really a viewer and does not support editting.

  3. S says:

    Another example of Microsoft judge and party attitude :

    Take notice Mr Jones.

  4. says:

    thanks for the notice Mr S

    Glad to see you have more time on your hands these days.


  5. Geld Lenen says:

    One thing that is keeping me from buying an iPhone (or another multimedia phone), is the "slow" response time of these phones. I really hate the lag between actions.

    The way the iPhone handles documents is really a plus. However, I still have doubts when it comes to the purchase of it 🙁

  6. says:


    I don’t quite get that link.

    It seems to be written by someone who doesn’t know the difference between copyright and IP and therefore ends up looking like an ass.

    Please elaborate.