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  1. Jane Eyre says:


  2. james brown says:

    G-G-google … ?!?!

  3. hAl says:

    I take this means you are finished with adressing the disposition of all comments with Ecma!

  4. Hans says:

    Yeah, I saw his post too. 🙂

    He probably never read any of the progress notes, specification drafts, requests for comment and participation, the developer site etc.


  5. hAl says:

    Ah, I see now.

    It is a response to the blog by Rob Weir.

    I guess Rob is failing to mention that his beloved ODF still does not have any high fidelity interoperable implementations even though it has been approved more than 2,5 years ago, OASIS has not submitted v1.1 changes made to the specifications to ISO a year after they were approved even though it is the most commenly used version of ODF, ODF still does not have spreadsheet formula’s more than 2,5 years after it’s approval in OASIS and that some Japanese translator actually reading the ODF standard a few months ago,  found more issues with the existing ODF standards spec than Japan actually submitted on the entire Office Open XML spec.

    Mayby if Rob had taken the effort that IBM has now put in opposing Office Open XML and had put that effort in a format that IBM actually wants to support that it would have given ODF some more improvement in 2007.

    I will be expecting more from Mr Rob soon after his team has scrambled to trough the dispositions and found a few of them to criticise using some ancient analogy making it look like the world will end if Office Open XML would be accepted by the ISO members.

  6. len says:

    First, congratulations for slogging through the paper.  It is hard work.


    Weirder and weirder.

    The next tactic will be to bring in fresh blood to critique the submission and if that doesn’t work, to assail the process.  I think one accepts the fact that when OOXML passes, the supporters will say it is a victory for opening Microsoft to cooperative standards making and the opposition will say it is a result of corruption.  No minds will be changed but possibly the MS customers will get a better more competitive market for their information.

    Just keep to the solid work and ignore the rest.  Glasnost is not a reason for a riot.

  7. I absolutely do not see how tools for converting some binary format to some random XML help to understand the meaning of the file format.

    Converting from binary format to XML just is like transliterating chinese glyphs to latin glyphs: No gain of understanding, plus the risk of loosing information.

    Sorry for being that negative, but to me this step just looks like fog spread for distraction.

  8. Here’s the press release which notes that After more than 14 months of intensive review, a Joint Technical

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