Open XML Java Library

The OpenXML4J project website is now up and running:

This is an open source project to create a Java library for consuming and generating files in the Open XML formats. Here's a diagram of their planned architecture:

As they describe up on the site, the current scenarios they are targeting are:

Styling content

If you must enforce organizational standards for document formatting in your company.

This scenario takes any Open XML document as input, one stylesheet to apply, and makes a restylish document compliant with your organizational formatting.

Content Inspection

There are lots of examples for this kind of scenario, let's introduce the most common use :

Confidential information removal

Remove comments, annotations, document properties, personal information, presentation notes, tracked changes, ... from outbound documents.

Macros removal

For security purposes, remove macros, inappropriate language and content from inbound documents.

Consuming documents

Users create reports as spreadsheet documents, or invoices as wordprocessing documents, which are loaded into a back-end system on a server (LOB/CRM/...)

Note : in this schema, we assume that support the Open XML format.

Document assembly

In this scenario, you build a document on the server. For example, you want to make a presentation for your next meeting, you choose the slides that will compose your deck in a web interface and then ask the server to generate your presentation. Or maybe your want the sales report of last month, ask for the server to find the data from various sources, compute statistics and make your spreadsheet for you.


This should be a very cool project.


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  1. Francis says:

    Random thought–have you considered having a link to the ODF converter added to the online Windows file association web site? E.G. compare:


    It’d help people get the ODF converter (plus be a good plug for Office.)

  2. says:

    That’s an interesting thought Francis. I’m not sure how they determine what file types to register and what applications to point folks at. I’ll ask around.


  3. Wu MingShi says:

    I can see that the battle for developers is partly fought on "accessibility" ground, i.e., how good is the API/libraries for manipulating files in the document format.

    That’s why I am interested to know that these types of libraries are being developed and what is out there.

    What I, however, hate EVEN MORE, is announcement that so-and-so project with out the initial deliverable, i.e., program code that I can use straight away or a known time table for initial deliverable which is not too distance into the future. They sounds to me like PR exercise. Its OK if they meant to attract like-minded developer. But if it is done purely as PR, or worse, simply to stop like-minded people from starting a rival project, then I loath it.

    Cannot make up my mind on this announcement.

  4. says:

    I believe that they already have workable code, and they made the announcement to see if they could get other developers to start using what they have and to provide feedback.


  5. Last week I pointed out the open source project to create a Java library for programming against the

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  9. Samiq says:

    [… digging a bit more I found this post from Brian Jones where he shares the project OpenXML4J which is an Open Source Java implementation API born to lead the interaction with such formats from the Java world …] Pingback from

  10. I’ve been following the uptake of the ECMA Open XML standard by our friends in the Java Community for

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