Custom Schemas are the key for interoperability with your business data

Doug had a great post last week discussing the importance of custom defined schemas. Check it out:

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  1. Wu MingShi says:

    Slightly out of topic considering the fact that we are talking about embedding random XML fragment inside document.

    I disagree with the notion that custom schema is the solution. It is only an INTERIM solution.

    What is needed is an industrial standard schema.

    Everyone defining their own XML and build legal barrier against its adoption by others does not foster interoperability but hinders it. Giving others the right to understand and use the XML schema is the lowest possible and most awkward way to achieve interoperability.

    Before someone point it out, yes, I understand why Jones call it a "Custom Schema".

  2. says:

    Wu MingShi,

    Similar to the processes going on with standardization of document formats, there are also standards around a whole host of other schemas. You have things like DITA; XBRL; HRXML; etc.

    The power of the custom defined schema support is that you can take those other schemas out there and apply them to your office documents. This makes the interoperability of the information within the documents much more powerful. Rather than just identifying content by structures such as paragraphs, tables, and other types of formatting, you can instead identify that content by calling it what it actually is (customer ID; product number; address; SSN; etc.)

    This is extremely powerful. I’m personally much more interested in the things we allow in terms of integrating with business data than I am with just the basic formatting.


  3. hAl says:

    Allthough not relavant for this particular article could you infomr us whether Microsoft will be adding the OOXML compatibility pack to an automatic update of older MS Office versions in the near future ?

    Like in an Office service pack ???

    At the moment it is still very difficult to communicate in anything other then the current binary formats as there just isn’t enough people around that can read the new formats.

  4. I thought it might be worthwhile to give a bit of an overview of the WordprocessingML model that you

  5. I thought it might be worthwhile to give a bit of an overview of the WordprocessingML model that you

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