How to create and consume OpenXML formats

With all the talk last week of the OpenXML support that is now in OpenOffice, I thought it would also be worthwhile reminding folks that if you have an older version of Microsoft Office, you can also work with the OpenXML formats.

There is a compatibility pack you can download here:

It looks like it's a pretty popular download. The number of downloads passed 1 million awhile ago, and I think we just recently passed 2 million as well. It's been one of the top 10 downloads from Microsoft for a couple months.

It's pretty cool that we already have that many people seeking out the support for OpenXML. I had thought the download numbers wouldn't pick up until a bit later this year as .docx files start to show up in greater numbers. Looks like it's happening much faster than I'd thought though. Very cool.


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  1. Les annonces récentes sur le travail entrepris par l’équipe de OpenOffice pour intégrer le format Open

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