Friday thoughts (Oct 27, 2006)

I’d been meaning to post a write-up on how to create a simple SpreadsheetML document from scratch, but just haven’t had the time this week to pull it all together. Hopefully I’ll get that out early next week. I had already done a similar post for WordprocessingML (both for Beta 1 as well as RTM)….


Performance of an XML file format for spreadsheets

I’ve blogged in the past about some of the things we did with the SpreadsheetML format to help improve the performance of opening and saving those files. While a file format most likely won’t affect the performance of an application once the file is loaded, it can significantly impact the performance of the actual load…


SpreadsheetML Dates

Recently a couple people have questioned the decision to leave the legacy Excel date behavior in the Open XML formats. This was primarily triggered by a post from IBM’s Rob Wier. While those folks have referred to it as an Excel bug, it’s actually something that was purposely designed into Excel since the beginning. Whenever…


Whitepaper summarizing the Office Open XML standard

Ecma has now published a 14 page whitepaper that does an excellent job of describing the Office Open XML standard and the different goals and challenges TC45 had over the past year while working on the spec. I highly recommend everyone interested in office file formats take a look: Rather than describe the whitepaper…


More on content controls

I posted earlier this year on the support for custom defined schema in wordprocessingML via the new content controls functionality. The key reason for opening the file formats was to make Office a more valuable platform for solution builders. We wanted folks to have the ability to take Office documents and plug them into new…


Friday thoughts

I just had a couple random things to mention this afternoon: ARCast – Office 2007 Open XML Format (Part 1 of 2) – Doug Mahugh and I did a live webcast last month with Ron Jacobs ( Ron just recently posted an audio recording of the first half of the discussion. Not sure when he’ll…


They’re bringing out the big guns

Anyone else been following the latest blog posts from IBM and Sun discussing the Office Open XML formats? It looks like they’re stepping up their push to try make ODF the only choice in file formats. I read Tim Bray’s post yesterday, but there have actually been a number of other posts folks have pointed…


Simple wordprocessingML document (video demo)

Are the Office Open XML formats too complex? Not really. They are definitely very rich, but the structure of the formats is pretty simple. As you start to get into more complicated features, the complexity of the formats also kicks in though. To show how simple a basic document is though, I like to use…


Comparison of OpenXML math and MathML

Murray Sargent who was the architect of the new math functionality in Office 2007 has a blog post where he talks more about the design of the Math schema in the Office Open XML formats ( Murray has also been active in the MathML community and is even joining the MathML 3.0 working group. I…


Office Open XML diffing tool available

I just saw this on Doug Mahugh’s blog and it’s really cool. Stephane Rodriguez has built a tool that allows you to view a diff of two Open XML files. I was actually bugging a number of folks to see if they would build something like this and it’s awesome to see someone outside of…