New project for converting WordprocessingML to HTML

It looks like there is a new project starting up on the community for transforming WordprocessingML into HTML using XSLT. The first article posted here ( starts off just mapping into basic paragraph and text formatting, and it's super simple and straightforward.

I've been told that Sanjay plans to have some future updates to this soon that will start to include other functionality. It would be great to see who else is interested in getting involved here.


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  1. rasx says:

    Unfortunately (for me) I have already written an XSLT stylesheet that transforms WordML into XHTML. You can try it out here:

    It is unfortunate that every person on the face of the wired Earth that reads this comment will not have the time to verify this. These predictions are not self-defeating. It is merely extrapolation after observing a system.

    Others who have tried this include Don Box and someone from the Office Team a few years ago.

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