Create a webpage for editing WordprocessingML documents

Sorry to have taken so long between blog posts. I was off in London all last week for the latest face to face meeting of Ecma TC45 at the British Library. It was a great meeting and we made a ton of progress. Unfortunately, I haven't had any time to blog though, and I have to go back on the road next week (San Francisco and New York). The amount of interest in the Open XML formats is really exciting, but it's also a lot of work 🙂

Over at the site, there is a new article that shows how to generate a lightweight WordprocessingML editor with a web front end. This is a continuation to the first article that I referenced a couple weeks ago. I really love the tools that folks are starting to pull together. We saw a couple really impressive demos out in London, and now there is this new article up on the OpenXMLDeveloper site. Another thing that's pretty cool is that some of the other Office developers who've been working on the file formats for years now have started to participate in the discussions up on the OpenXMLDeveloper site. The community has been really great so far, and I expect that after Beta 2 for Office 2007 arrives we'll see a whole lot more activity.


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  1. y says:

    Will Beta 2 adopt the nomenclature of the ECMA proposal–the new namespace URIs and so forth?

  2. BrianJones says:

    y, the namespaces in Beta 2 will be updated to match what’s coming out of the Ecma work.

  3. joe says:

    Whats the useof creating a webpage with Wordprocessing? Will it help in the new namespace URIs and Beta 2 to match whats coming out of the Ecma work.

  4. william says:

    Creating a webpage with Wordprocessing, it is unclear to me. Quite jumbled up. Some queries in mind- whats the purpose, will it be useful in new namespace URIs and Beta 2 to match? Lets hope it turns out the way u wanted it to be.

  5. BrianJones says:

    The point of those articles are to show folks how they can start to generate their own viewers and generators. As the schemas and namespaces evolve through the Ecma standards process, the tools will need to be updated, but once the standard is done, there won’t be more changes.

    I really like the example just because it could eventually lead into a light weight web based document generator which would make it easier for people to experiment with the formats. Of course it will never be as powerful as the Office applications are…


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