Off topic: NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks

Well, after going through an entire season, and not ever really talking too much about the Seahawks, I had to put up at least one post given how great this season has gone. I've been a fan for a long time and suffered through some pretty tough seasons, and I still can't really believe we're going to the Super Bowl. I enjoyed my first ever NFC championship game last week and had just bought a new camera the day before so I made sure to get a few pictures of the game.

Here's a picture from outside the stadium showing the home schedule and the 8-0 record (some wins much closer than others):

I love Seahawk stadium. If you enter from the north endzone, you get a great view of the field at the top of the stairs before you start walking to your seats. Here's a picture from the north end with my younger brother (in the black jacket). We've made a tradition the past few years of going to the games together.

This was one of the first times we'd arrived at the stadium early enough to see the pre-game warmups. We're usually hanging out in Pioneer Square until closer to kickoff.

I think we were already up by a couple touchdowns by this point (I wasn't taking pictures most of the first half):

Clever sign from a fan:

Here's a picture of the field from our seats. Like I said, we have an awesome stadium:

Of course with a result like we had, you have to get a picture of the scoreboard:

Have a great weekend everyone. One more week until the Super Bowl!


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  1. Mike Dunn says:

    I remember being really impressed with the design when I was at the stadium for the MVP summit. I’m glad the days of multi-purpose (read: bland and boring) stadiums are gone.

  2. BrianJones says:

    I agree. I was sad to see the Kingdome go at first given all the memories I had there, but Safeco field and Seahawk stadium are just unbelievable…

  3. Chris Beiter says:

    Yes, that was an amazing game. I was lucky enough to be there also, although from the angle and line of your photo, looks like I was in the cheap seats by comparison. Hopefully you caught the Redskins game too, which in some ways was even better because it was closer.

    5 more days? Go Seahawks!

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