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The Office 12 buzzsite is now up and running. It's the best place to sign up for future updates on product news, and currently has some great resources around the XML formats. The two whitepapers that I've already linked to are there, as well as Q&A and information guide. Between my blog and that site, you should be pretty well covered for new around the next version, and especially around the new formats.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    No RSS on the site. Scoble won’t like this!

  2. Shivam says:

    What comes to me as a question is Office 12 ONLY about XML or are we seeing a major look change, interface change…From the MSFT site and he blogs it seems to be pointing to a Major Usage of XML. Sounds good over the fact that most of my text files, PPT files are huge in size …compression would be great. But is this the only change we can expect …or is MSFT rolling out a bigger set of change. If not, why not just make A Office 2003 Service Pack 3 with the XML updates. Back to the XML issue, if compression does work, there must be some disadvantage. Like mp3 compression means loss of quality of music…what about XML?

  3. Not all compression is lossy – if you compare the Microsoft lossless and Apple lossless audio codecs, they both produce files about half the size with no loss of information. MP3 just throw away information to compress even smaller.

    The compression used by ZIP files is always lossless.

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