Back from the Ecma meetings

I just back back from Brussels and the first meeting of Ecma’s TC45; it was an awesome start and I’m extremely excited about the work we have ahead of us. The initial draft of the standard was submitted by Apple, Barclays Capital, BP, the British Library, Essilor, Intel Corporation, Microsoft, NextPage Inc., Statoil ASA and…


More answers to questions around standardization and licensing

I think this is the longest I’ve gone between posts since I started blogging back in June. I’ve been out here in Europe for the past two weeks, for a combination of work and a little time off. I was in Nice last week for the Ecma general assembly meeting where they agreed to create…


Example Word ’12’ document from Beta 1 with hyperlink and image

I just posted another example document if any is interested. For those of you that got a copy of Beta 1, the file will be compatible with your build, so you can open it and take a look. This is an extremely simple file that has a simple paragraph, another paragraph with a hyperlink,…


Deck from my XML 2005 presentation available

I’ve had a number of folks who attended my session at the XML 2005 conference ask me if the deck was available online. I thought it was posted, but I wasn’t able to find it anywhere so I decided to post it myself. You can go have a look here: Of course, the deck…


New approach to licensing with the Office XML formats

Well, as expected there is a lot of speculation out there about what the new approach we’ve decided to take with the license may mean. Yesterday I posted about our move to standardize the Office XML formats and to change the license based on feedback we’ve received over the summer and fall. Maybe folks were…


Standardizing the Microsoft Office Open XML formats

Today we are making a really important announcement about our XML formats. We are going to bring the Microsoft Office Open XML formats to a standards body with the intention of eventually making the formats an ISO standard. This should really help everyone feel certain that these formats will always be available and fully accessible….


Office ’12’ Beta 1 is now available

It seems like the big milestones just keep coming for Office ’12’. Today, a select group of our customers and partners were given access to the first beta of Office ’12’. This is just our next step towards the final release of Office ’12’ which is scheduled for later in 2006, and it’s a great…


Update from XML 2005 conference

Well, I’m here at the XML conference and so far it’s been a lot of fun. There are a number of different tracks covered at the conference, and it’s really fun to see all the things people have been up to or are thinking about. I’m getting ready to head up to a panel discussion…


Word ’12’ Presentation on Customer XML Support Available Online (PDC)

For those of you who watched my PDC presentation that I posted on the other week, you probably noticed a demo where I had a document structured with controls that were bound to XML data. We did a lot of work in Word 12 to allow you to create mappings from your own XML data…


Integrating with business data: Store custom XML in the Office XML formats

As I’ve already talked about a number of times on this blog, there are two core pieces to the XML support in Office. The first piece is what we call our “reference schemas.” The reference schemas are the schemas we’ve defined in Office to represent our files as XML. This includes WordprocessingML; SpreadsheetML; and PresentationML….