Using the launch.json file in VS code for improved PowerShell debugging

Anyone that has talked to me recently about how I write PowerShell scripts will know that Visual Studio Code is my new one and only! You can write PowerShell scripts in there and hit F5 to have a similar debugging experience to what you would get in PowerShell ISE – but did you know that…


“The provided value for the template parameter is not valid” in ARM template deployments

I’ve come across this one before, but I hit it again today and I wanted to share the details of what happened. Basically the scenario is this, I have an ARM template that I want to deploy and it takes in parameters. The deployment needs to run through PowerShell using the Azure RM PowerShell cmdlets….


Adding additional intellisense to VS Code when editing PowerShell scripts

Most people that I talk to about my experiences writing PowerShell scripts these days will know that Visual Studio Code is my absolute preference for editor these days. It’s a great tool with lots of little tricks to help you improve your productivity – and recently I came across another one to help when I work…


Getting IDs to use with the Package DSC resource

One of the questions I get from customers who are looking at using the Package DSC resource to install MSI’s and executables is “What is the ProductID for the installer I want to run?”. If you look at the documentation the ProductID is meant to be a unique identified for the product you are installing,…


Retrieving the URL of an app catalog site in SharePoint 2013

In some of my recent work with the xSharePoint resources we came up with a need to retrieve the current URL of an app catalog so that we could determine if the current settings were correct or not. The issue with this is that we found there is no out of the box cmdlet to…


Better approaches to unit testing PowerShell scripts that call SharePoint cmdlets

For those who have come across my blog before you would have seen my recent post on how to unit test PowerShell scripts that call SharePoint cmdlets, which after I posted started a conversation between myself and Jakub Jareš (PowerShell MVP and Pester Owner) around the approach I had taken and some of the flaws…


How to unit test PowerShell scripts that call cmdlets from the SharePoint snap-in

Update: If you’re reading this then be sure to have a read of the comments too – some good insight and points from nohwnd on the Pester team that are also worth considering if you are interested in this stuff. Update 2: I’ve posted a new post related to this which shows an improved way…


Cross server DSC dependency options with Azure Resource Manager templates

One of the topics I have been discussing a little lately around the use of the DSC extension for Azure virtual machines is how to create dependencies for DSC configurations that work between servers.If you’re not familiar with how to use the DSC extension in Azure ARM templates have a read of my previous blog…


Announcing the xSharePoint module for PowerShell DSC!

I am super excited to be able to get this one out there – PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) is a great mechanism to automate configurations of Windows Server and the products that run on them, but to date there has not been a set of DSC resources that allowed the deployment and configuration of…


Using DSC to download from Azure file storage to an Azure VM

I’ve been exploring a lot PowerShell Desired State Configuration lately, and one of the things I’ve come up against was the need to be able to move files from a file share in an Azure storage account, to the local file system of a VM (usually to install software). Now since I’ve been trying to…