Understanding ACLs in NTFS

Associating Access Control Lists (ACLs) with files is the fundamental mechanism for securing file system data. Consequently, the #1 rule for securely storing data in files is to ensure the proper ACLs are on your files. Using NTFS so you can have ACLs is not enough. You need to know what ACLs you want to…


What’s the “Web Client Network”?

I had a customer ask me this today, so in case others are wondering: What’s the “Web Client Network”? If you open Windows Explorer, click Network Neighborhood, then click Entire Network, you’ll see an icon for Web Client Network. The customer saw nothing under this icon, so was wondering why it was there in the…


What makes a valid Windows file name?

A common question for people starting to program on Windows is, “What makes a valid Windows file name?” You want to use this information to make simplifying assumptions in your code: that names can be no longer than MAX_PATH, that two names won’t differ only by case, etc. Unfortunately, the answer to what makes a…



Hello. I’m the Lead Program Manager for network file system technologies in Windows. As I’ve watched the adoption of blogs as a way to share information among the development community, I thought it would be a good idea to provide a place to share tips and tricks about interacting with the file system in Windows….