Model View Presenter – with base functionality

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of research and development around patterns and unit testing.  One pattern in particular, Model View Presenter (MVP), I found to be a very good pattern for doing web development.  The only thing, is that if you want to learn about the MVP, there seem to be two options.  1)  Completely…


Generate class from xsd.exe Visual Studio Add-In

I was using an XML file to generate a cs class for a project I was working on and everytime I changed the xml file I had to go through the vs command prompt and generate a new cs file and import it into my project.  What a pain!  So, I wrote a Visual Studio…


Override javascript method in Microsoft Ajax Library

If you would like to override a method in javascript that uses the Microsoft Ajax Library (such as the control toolkit), you can do the following (with the control toolkit as the base which we are overriding): Type.registerNamespace(‘AjaxControlToolkit’); AjaxControlToolkit.YourClassName= function(element){   AjaxControlToolkit.YourClassname.initializeBase(this,[element]);  //initialize any variables here}AjaxControlToolkit.YourClassName.prototype = {_setText: function(item) //this is the function we’re overriding{ this._callMyNewFunction(‘hello there’); …


Get at the ASP.NET Ajax control name with the BehaviorID property

If you have ever worked with ASP.NET and binding data to a repeater control or placing content inside master pages, you’re probably familiar with how ASP.NET renames the control to make it unique.  This makes web developers have many headaches as they try to get to those controls from javascript.  Here’s a scenario I was…


Windows Embedded CE6 R3 released including Silverlight for Windows Embedded

The project I’ve been working on since my last blog posts has finally been released!  There is some fantastic documentation out on MSDN that can get you familiar with the new Silverlight for Windows Embedded API and how to create applications: Silverlight for Windows Embedded on MSDN The first thing you might wonder is how…


New release of MSDN/TechNet Search, Profile and Forums

The team I’m working on just released our latest version of MSDN/TechNet Search, Profile and Forums. For Search this is the latest release and includes the following new features ( Auto-complete hit highlighting.  Now if you search for “writeline” you’ll see all words that contain that phrase.  The terms are also now ordered by the number of…


Componentizing Silverlight – what I consider best practices

I was looking at a post on Mike Harsh’s blog about a utility that turns XAML into javascript and I didn’t entirely agree with what this utility accomplished.  A while back I posted an entry about hooking in web services, Silverlight (WPF/E) and ASP.NET Ajax.  Although I did use string concatenation in the sample, I was posting a simple…


WPF/E, ASP.NET AJAX and Web Services – hooking it all together

Recently I’ve been working with WPF/E and extending some code that I have to make it more visually enhanced.  To display the proper data on the page I wanted to do the following: call a web service asynchronously, have it return to me an arrary of a complex type which I could then work with in javascript to…


Sandcastle Target File (using March CTP)

I’ve been working on building MSDN style documents for my assemblies and wanted to automate this into my build script.  If you follow the example that comes with the Sandcastle download, it has a .bat file that executes commands for all transformations and executables.  I preferred a target file that I could add in a…


Sharepoint : page level permissions

Thought I would share out this quick tip on how to define page level permissions on a sharepoint wiki site.  If you go to the Pages view where you see all the pages, you can click on the drop down and click “Manage Permissions”.  Then you can add/remove users and groups as needed.