New release of MSDN/TechNet Search, Profile and Forums

The team I'm working on just released our latest version of MSDN/TechNet Search, Profile and Forums.

For Search this is the latest release and includes the following new features (

  • Auto-complete hit highlighting.  Now if you search for "writeline" you'll see all words that contain that phrase.  The terms are also now ordered by the number of times we see a certain term requested.

  • Stackable refinements: after you search and we identify which topic and/or source contain your search term you can now click on multiple topic and/or source refinements and stack them to narrow your search further.

  • We have increased the number of correct results for a search term with new algorithms, so hopefully you'll find your information even faster!

Profile (

  • This is a new application that will drive your profile for things like search, forums and other apps to come.  So, if you have a live ID go ahead and sign up here to reserve a display name and upload an avatar!

Forums (


Comments (3)
  1. Nektar says:

    Please drive towards one single code base at Microsoft. Why for example do the MS forums are built on a different code base than Windows Live QnA although they achieve similar functionality? Why are all the Channels (9, 10, etc) on different code bases than Live QnA and the Forums? Why are the MS newsgroups totally different in features and in the interface? Why do some groups have forums and some only newsgroups? Why aren’t the forums accessible through a client interface as the newsgroups? Why aren’t the online newsgroups improved as the forums?

    Answer because different teams own each system. How bad!

    Further: How many profiles should a person have? Why do I need one for Live Spaces theat is different than the one for Microsoft Forums, etc. Why MS Connect have yet another profile? Why is MS Connect a different interface with different interface features as the forums? Why do MSDN and Technet Blogs has a different sign-in process than Live ID and a yet different profile for each user?

    Please remove complexity in your systems Now!

  2. Bryan says:

    Nektar, this is actually a step in the direction you’re talking about. These applications are a fresh evolution for the MSDN, TechNet, Expression, and brands. If we do well with this platform we can bring on more sites, applications and brands.

    Rome wasn’t built in a day, though, and Microsoft is a big company with lots of products. We have tons of different types of customers in different locales. One size-fits-all might not be the right thing to do for everyone.

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