Microsoft Social Bookmarking

The team I used to work on (and my last contributions there) just launched today.  It is Microsoft’s social bookmarking application.  Check it out:


Goodbye managed, hello again native

Well, I’ve moved teams to the Windows Embedded team, so the content of my blog will most likely change.  Stay tuned!

Override javascript method in Microsoft Ajax Library

If you would like to override a method in javascript that uses the Microsoft Ajax Library (such as the control toolkit), you can do the following (with the control toolkit as the base which we are overriding): Type.registerNamespace(‘AjaxControlToolkit’); AjaxControlToolkit.YourClassName= function(element){   AjaxControlToolkit.YourClassname.initializeBase(this,[element]);  //initialize any variables here}AjaxControlToolkit.YourClassName.prototype = {_setText: function(item) //this is the function we’re overriding{ this._callMyNewFunction(‘hello there’); …


New release of MSDN/TechNet Search, Profile and Forums

The team I’m working on just released our latest version of MSDN/TechNet Search, Profile and Forums. For Search this is the latest release and includes the following new features ( Auto-complete hit highlighting.  Now if you search for “writeline” you’ll see all words that contain that phrase.  The terms are also now ordered by the number of…