ATI driver and windows 10

This is kind of a reminder for me as well as maybe something that can help others also. My computer was recently upgraded to Windows 10 and when that happened it decided to use the Microsoft Basic Display adapter instead of my legacy ATI radeon 4800 driver.  It had the incorrect resolution and did not…

Basic application with Silverlight for Windows Embedded 6.0 R3

I installed CE 6.0 R3 on my laptop when it was initially released and had created an application that uses the new SWE for 6.0 R3 API.  I have seen a few questions about creating applications, so I figured I would post a small application that I created. This is not a shipping application and…

Silverlight for Windows Embedded Team Blog is live

We have just released Windows Compact 7 CTP which includes the latest release of Silverlight for Windows Embedded.  Because of this, we have decided to also create a new blog that will focus on Silverlight for Windows Embedded topics, tips and tricks and how-tos.  There should be some great posts on the way so please…


Windows Embedded CE6 R3 released including Silverlight for Windows Embedded

The project I’ve been working on since my last blog posts has finally been released!  There is some fantastic documentation out on MSDN that can get you familiar with the new Silverlight for Windows Embedded API and how to create applications: Silverlight for Windows Embedded on MSDN The first thing you might wonder is how…


Sharepoint : page level permissions

Thought I would share out this quick tip on how to define page level permissions on a sharepoint wiki site.  If you go to the Pages view where you see all the pages, you can click on the drop down and click “Manage Permissions”.  Then you can add/remove users and groups as needed.


Microsoft Social Bookmarking

The team I used to work on (and my last contributions there) just launched today.  It is Microsoft’s social bookmarking application.  Check it out:


Goodbye managed, hello again native

Well, I’ve moved teams to the Windows Embedded team, so the content of my blog will most likely change.  Stay tuned!

Override javascript method in Microsoft Ajax Library

If you would like to override a method in javascript that uses the Microsoft Ajax Library (such as the control toolkit), you can do the following (with the control toolkit as the base which we are overriding): Type.registerNamespace(‘AjaxControlToolkit’); AjaxControlToolkit.YourClassName= function(element){   AjaxControlToolkit.YourClassname.initializeBase(this,[element]);  //initialize any variables here}AjaxControlToolkit.YourClassName.prototype = {_setText: function(item) //this is the function we’re overriding{ this._callMyNewFunction(‘hello there’); …


New release of MSDN/TechNet Search, Profile and Forums

The team I’m working on just released our latest version of MSDN/TechNet Search, Profile and Forums. For Search this is the latest release and includes the following new features ( Auto-complete hit highlighting.  Now if you search for “writeline” you’ll see all words that contain that phrase.  The terms are also now ordered by the number of…


Fill server cache with a large data object and have the browser be responsive by using threads

Recently I was working on a problem, and after testing the solution I thought it would make a good blog post.  Here is what I was trying to solve:  Fill the cache with a large set of data (approx. 1M items). Have the original request to the website fill the cache and not block the browers responsiveness….