Vista and Windows XP Upgrade to Windows 7

I am definitely not an expert on Windows 7.  I have been using the beta and it is working well for me.  I noticed this post from a several weeks ago about the upgrade thinking.  Ars Techinca: Upgrading to Windows 7: what XP and Vista users need to know On a related note, I have…


Silverlight – A big step for development

Wow! What a difference a good UI framework and programming model can make in development. We have just implemented several new parts of the adCenter Analytics product in Silverlight in our latest update. These features were written much more quickly than in our AJAX implementation, the look better, perform faster, and were much easier to…


adCenter Analytics Update

Just wanted to give folks a quick update on adCenter Analytics. We have been doing a lot of work on our next beta refresh and it will be out shortly. I will provide some details… stay tuned. Be sure to check out he community and marketing sites:  and 


Paid Search Conversion Tracking

The next phase test here is for paid search conversion tracking. Let’s see what happens when you use adCenter first:   Note the AdCenter Conversion Tracking is embedded in the page. Here… ::adCenter::


Conversion tracking

This is an outbound link: and another   In adCenter Analytics, there is a mechanism for adding shopping cart and conversion data to your scripts. okay now, track with cart: okay now, just the cart:


Email tools?

I am checking out an email tool that looks pretty interesting  — xobni. I have been using Facebook more lately and have been thinking about how email and Facebook are similar types of systems.  There is a social graph, a good way to communication async, and a sense of dealing first with “who” then what. …


Try adCenter Analytics Today!

Microsoft’s web analytics product, Gatineau, has been updated and branded as adCenter Analytics. You can request an invite code to the controlled beta at: Mel Carlson has posted some information about the product on the adCenter blog .  Ian Thomas has posted a good review of the top adCenter Analytics features.

Silverlight and Web Analytics at MIX08

MIX 2008 in Las Vegas, the Next web now, is sold out.  This promises to be a great event with lots of interesting conversation. The best part of MIX for me is that it is really an open, multi-way dialog and not just a bunch of Microsoft speak. Check out some of the cool sessions…


Working for Atlas?

There has been a lot written recently about Yahoo and Microsoft.  Right now, I won’t go in to that, but I did run across a fun page.  Microsoft recently joined with AQuantive and one of the key sets of technology and interesting people to work with are from Atlas which are amazing tools for Advertisers…

.NET Framework 3.5 install layout

In a forum post, a user reported that he cannot use the web boot strapper to install since the downloads are blocked by their corporate fire wall.  You can use the the “big” redistributable package will allow you to install NETFX without downloading anything. There is another trick you can use once if you can get…