Why Use Yammer?

Yammer is actually pretty cool. I have started to use it today. It is kind of like Facebook for an enterprise.  It is an interesting fusion of email, feeds, groups, sharepoint – get the real product overview here. So, why use it?  Because if you start to use it as a group or team, it can…

Pilot Thinking (part 1)

This Marketing Pilot announcement got me thinking about something pretty simple yet very important to any business.  This thing should be understood and appreciated by developers… especially in a start-up but also in the enterprise. It is “The Funnel.” Wow, I can see you are impressed. (wait …  there’s more)

So what is a funnel (part 2)

Okay, so you may not be super impressed.  However, appreciating the funnel and how the flow of customers works in our application and especially in our customer acquisition process is really, really important.  When you mention The Funnel, most people think about ecommerce. This is a good example.  You search for a new Nokia 920…

Funnel’s are for other people (part 3)

Really funnel’s really are for all devleopers (or for all developers that have humans or other systems actually use their application.) Consider something like a simple task you yourapplication. Say, changing your password.  This seems pretty simple. You have a simple goal of the customers –change the password.  However, you realize you need to take…

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft is continuing to build up the capability in Dynamics CRM.  While you hear a lot about Sale Force, there is actually a lot going on in Dynamics. They just acquired a marketing optimization company with a lot of financials and analytical capability.   http://www.marketingpilot.com/news/marketingpilot_release_msft.shtml Looks very interesting… can’t wait to see what is next.