WinFX and the .NET Framework 3.0

It is amazing how big an impact names and terminology have on how we think. If you haven't heard, Soma announced that WinFX has been renamed to .NET Framework 3.0.   

I did expect this to cause a reation and it has. However, I didn't anticipate how the chaning the name would cause people to really evaluate how the software works and what it means to them. Since almost nothing has changed except for the branding, I am assuming that people are using this transition to really think about WinFX... I mean .NET Framework 3.0.

My team does the setup and deployment technology implementation for the .NET Framework and for these new bits which were called WinFX.  If you haven't, you should try out the WinFX bits currently posted and keep an eye out for the next CTP which should have the name change.

So, one big question for me is, do you feel something important has changed with the rename? I know a lot of folks are posting comments to Soma's and JasonZ's blogs.  More shortly. 

Comments (2)

  1. Mehfuz Hossain says:

    Basically , microsoft in the release of their linq ctp last auguest, told that this will be in the next .net 3.0. Also, people who are familar with the term “Orcas” , should know that winfx and LINQ are part of the .net 3.0 project.

    So, for me its not a problem when i saw the .net 3.0 link in msdn.

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